I began my career by studying at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. I received my BFA in 2004 and double majored in both still photography (mostly film) and digital imaging. My wedding photography has evolved over the past 17 years where I am able to achieve documentary style photographs with an artistic style to remember your wedding day. I have shot over 800 weddings since we started in 2006. So it is safe to say, we know just about everything there is to know on how to capture your day perfectly. My favorite way to capture your wedding day is to get an authentic and candid/photo-journalistic feel to your images. I will always help pose you, while both photographers work together to capture genuine moments that unfold in front of us. We also try to keep our lighting light and soft to create a natural and editorial feel to tell your story. Everything you see here is from a REAL WEDDING in Cincinnati or NKY, and is not of part of styled photo shoot. What makes a good wedding photographer is being able to make the best of any situation. This includes lighting and weather along with many more aspects. We believe that weddings have so much meaning and they are one of the most important days in your life. We want to show you a true representation of our skill and work, but also to keep our images true and prioritize real moments. I am committed to giving you the highest possible quality photos and perfect customer service to make sure you have the best experience on your wedding day. 

and.......805 Is Santa Barbara's area code, also my favorite place to be.



Brenden Oleson is my husband and does most of the weddings with me. He lived in both New York and California before moving to Cincinnati where he has worked as a photographer for Frame 805 for the last 15 years. Brenden has shot over 500 weddings in his career and has mastered documenting your wedding. His specialty is the groom side pre-wedding photography and then capturing those other special wedding moments as they unfold. He is the one to give credit to our stunning aerial images of the city and venues. When he's not shooting weddings, he's working his weekday job as a machine engineer & salesmen, covering the US & Worldwide.

AMY higley

LEAD wedding PHOTOGRAPHER / since 2010


Amy is a huge asset to our company and has been with us 4 years now. She is an amazing photographer and so fun and easy to work with. She does a wonderful job taking your engagement photos and truly makes our couples feel at ease in front of her camera. Her images are natural, technically perfect, and takes stunning photos. She is such a joy to have on your wedding day continues to go above and beyond in her work.

rachael spears


16 years as a lead wedding photographer in Cincinnati. She is so talented and fun to work with. Her photos are so bright, sharp and crisp. She knows all the venues and you are 100 percent in good hands with Rachael on your wedding day.