Bethany + Ben

Shannon knocked this out of the park again!  (Shannon is our engagement and lifestyle style photographer for Frame 805) I am so excited to document their wedding day after seeing these.  When I met with Bethany she said she is looking for a more artsy style to her wedding photos, and the second she said that I knew we were a good fit for her.  I'm sure "artsy" could have several interpretations.... but we must interpret that word the same way.   I can not wait to be apart of her wedding in August this year.       

Here is their engagement story:

"The day Ben proposed, December 22nd, he had just returned from a three day work trip to Lexington. I recommended that we have an easy night and go see the new Star Wars movie. Ben insisted we go for a quiet dinner in Mt. Adams before the hectic holiday week ahead. Following dinner, he took me back to the spot where his car broke down back in high school - the Mt. Adams steps at St. Mary's church. He got down on one knee and pulled the ring out of his pocket. I said, yes! Ben had one more surprise for me. He suggested we have a celebratory drink nearby and, when we arrived, our parents were there to celebrate with us. It was the perfect start to an exciting engagement."