Hope + Spencer

I met hope about a year ago when we sat down to plan out the wedding day.  I immediately felt like we were a good match and had the same vision for her wedding.  Her husband plays for the in the NFL so needless to say I super excited for this wedding! Here is their story:

"It was Fall 2004 at Princeton Junior High School. Spencer had recently moved and was starting the seventh grade while Hope was approaching her eighth grade year. Hope noticed the "new kid" in the halls pretty quickly. The two had their first encounter in the gym during basketball tryouts. Spencer noticed Hope on the court with her hair braided, gold hoop earrings and a pair of fresh Jordan sneakers neatly laced. Hope spotted Spencer in the bleachers with a crisp white t-shirt on, braids, two shiny earrings and stern set of perfectly arched eyebrows. Dribbling the ball nervously, Hope walked over to Spencer and got her first glimpse into the incredible person he is. Spencer stared at Hope and admired how put together she was. They exchanged numbers and spent many hours on the phone, listening to music, talking sports, and sharing future goals.

Spencer told Hope she would be his wife one day. She laughed.

They went through high school top of their class athletically and both decided to go to Division 1 universities on scholarships. They both supported each other through their college experiences and after many trips to see one another they seemed to be on the same path with the same vision. They continued to grow with one another. Pushing each other to be the best they could possibly be.

Till this very day they continue to chase their dreams. They compliment one another and feel blessed to have met their match. They are excited and feel honored to embark on a new chapter in their lives where they will now become one in the eyes of the the Lord.

Spencer told Hope she would be his wife one day. He asked, and she said YES!"

We all had an amazing day.  Was a warm day for February as this winter has been mild.   Or really the warmest winter Cincinnati has ever had.  We started at Hilton downtown and then headed over to the Bell Event Center.  Here are some highlights from our day.