I wanted to take a minute to talk about the getting ready photos.  This is one of my favorite parts the of the day.  All the anticipation and excited is felt right here at this moment.  This is when I have creative free reign to just focus on capturing happy and candid moments.  After 13 years of photographing weddings the one thing I hear over and over again is "I want my photos to be natural and real".  And I 100% agree!  

There are a few things that can help you make the most of this time and get amazing images.  First you need to pick a perfect location.  This wedding my bride chose The Renaissance downtown Cincinnati.  It was clean, it was bright and the colors were neutral.  Everything I could have asked for.  SO you can see in these images why this hotel works.  Not to be negative but here is a list of what doesn't work. Yellow or green wall color (white or light grey color is best).  Cluttered rooms are difficult, it just looks messy.  Put all the bags and shoes in one spot and keep things open.  Make sure you choose a room big enough for everyone to move around included us so we are not on top of you guys.  And lastly dark rooms.  I need BIG windows for bright and airy photos.  All of my portrait & detail shots need bright light.  I prefer to use natural light when we can.   I mean, you want your skin to look amazing in these photos, so give us some light!  And lastly if you need suggestions I have a HUGE list, so just call or email me.  And don't forget to take note of the really cute first look at the end with her dad, best time to capture this moment is while getting ready.

Kristen + Cody

It's been a little quiet over here I know.  It's been cold and well.... winter. So Cincinnati winter 2019 brides where are you?  Check this winter wedding out and see how gorgeous they are!!!  I am completely inspired again by this wedding.  I'm not going to lie, I always get a little bit nervous for winter weddings because our time outside with bright pretty light is limited, we only had 15 minutes before if got dark to get these important shots taken.  But we did it! I over shoot like crazy during winter weddings.  And because of this I was able to deliver 1600 images to my bride.  And as always the Manor house does not fail, I adore white painted brick.  My dream home is a white painted brick house.  At this point my neighbors would think I'm crazy if we had our tan brick painted, but it crosses my mind all the time (and I haven't mentioned to Brenden he already said NO MORE PAINT).  We are always under construction over here because I have this endless need to make everything around me gorgeous.  So check out these pretty photos and congrats Kristen & Cody. Thank you for letting me document your day!

Kristi + Kyle

Congrats Kristi & Kyle on their gorgeous winter wedding!

The Phoenix, Cincinnati Ohio

Katie + Jeff

Winter wedding? YESSSSSSSSSS please.  I shot this gorgeous Cincinnati, Ohio wedding last year and didn't have the chance to blog it yet.   So here goes. Everything about this wedding was spot on.  It was freezing... and did this effect the photos? Not even little, we just went out there and worked our magic (even though we were cold, everyone survived).  There is something so gorgeous about soft light, you don't always need the SUN.  So enjoy and almost happy 1 year anniversary to Katie & Jeff!

Karen + Colin